Wheel Decide is a tool that can be used when you are split between a few choices and want to spin a wheel to decide which option to choose. This can be used for deciding where to go to lunch, what movie to watch, what to do for fun, etc… Unlike other tools that are just for meals, the user can quickly enter in what the choices they are trying to decide between and then spin their wheel. You can also check out our common choices page that has some suggestions of things to let the wheel decide for you. Pick from choices like Wheel of Dinner, Magic 8 Ball, and Lunch Wheel and customize them to your liking!

Go ahead and let the Wheel Decide!

Pair your donation with a suggestion or general feedback and we will help make Wheel Decide better for you!

Please leave feedback below. We value user’s opinions very much, so if you suggest a change and it is feasible then there is a good chance that we will address it sooner.

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Can I save wheels?

Yes. Currently the only real way to save wheels is to use the facebook login on the home page and then there will be a button to Save Wheels. However, if you bookmark a wheel after you create it then it will save the choices because the choices are stored in the URL. (Note that the list submit does not appear in the URL so if you’d like to bookmark it, submit the form after submitting the list) Similarly, you can Share/Email the wheel to yourself. We plan to add a way to save without using Facebook in the future.

I’m having trouble logging in, saving wheels, and/or viewing my saved wheels via Facebook. What should I do?

If you are having issues logging in with your Facebook account or you have any issues with your saved wheels on WheelDecide.com, we recommend you go to Facebook.com and log out of your Facebook account. Then, go back to WheelDecide.com and log in again.

Can I put your wheel on my website or blog?

Yes. There is a link to “Embed into your Site” just below the wheel on the home page. If you click this then you will see a box with some code in it (<iframe….). If you copy this code and paste it into the html of your website or blog then the wheel should appear. Let us know if you want help or if there are any problems or annoyances with embedding.

Is there a way to change how long the wheel spins?

Yes. Spin time defaults to 5 seconds, but you can click on “Advanced Options” on the create/modify wheel forms and input a spin time between 1 and 300 sec (5 min). If you want it to spin longer, let us know. Currently, you must change the spin time per wheel. Tell us if it is important to you to set your own default spin time.

Can I set my own wheel wedge colors and text colors?

Yes. If you click the “Advanced Options” button below the wheel choices you can set the custom colors and the text colors. Currently, you have to enter the hexadecimal colors separated by commas. For example red, green, blue, white would be ff0000,00ff00,0000ff,ffffff. The same logic is used for the wedge colors and the text. The color(s) set will be repeated, so if you want the text to be white for all choices you can just type ffffff in the text color box. Tell us if it is important to you to have a color picker directly on WheelDecide.com

Is there a mobile App?

The short answer is No, but we are working on the Android app right now and plan to make a Windows 8 app and iOS app. In the meantime, just add a url bookmark to WheelDecide.com or your favorite wheel(s) on your phone! Also let us know if there are any issues with the website on your phone or things that would make it a better experience. Please send feedback saying that you want an app if you would use it (and which device).

How can I contact you to discuss something?

Please contact us via the feedback form or via social media.

I’d like to use your wheel for my business or organization, but there are some modifications I’d like on the wheel. Can you help?

Yes! We are very willing to work with people that are trying to use our wheels. There are so many possibilities with the wheel and we’d love to learn what people are using the wheel for, how they want it to function, or what they want it to look like. Please contact us via the feedback form or social media.

Can my business advertise on your site?

Yes! Whether it’s general advertising or if your business is related to one of our premade wheels (ie. Restaurants) . Contact us via the feedback form or social media and we can discuss further.

The wheel seems to be broken. What can I do?

If the wheel does not seem to be working correctly then it is definitely not our fault 🙂 We really appreciate our users telling us about any problems they have using the wheel (through the feedback box above). It helps if you can tell us what browser and operating system you were using and how you encountered the problem. We currently know of an issue with Google Chrome version 29 where the text on the wheel can become messed up and can eventually crash. Text will not be shown while spinning if you are on Chrome version 29. Hopefully this Chrome issue gets fixed so we can display the text on the wheel!

What kind of new functionality can I expect to see in the future with Wheel Decide?

Some of the things we are hoping to add are as follows. Let us know if there are any things we missed or if any of these should be done first:

  • Choice Weighting (make it so some choices are larger than others)
  • Make wheel creation easier
  • Condensed wheel view (like a slot machine type wheel)
  • Mobile Apps / Phone Improvements

Wheel Decide